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Jan 27, 2013 11:00pm PST
approaching. french units have been amassing. after traveling through there is now a pause. it is clear they are preparing to advance on this key rebel stronghold. malian troops go first followed by french forces. they want to create the impression it is the malian government retaking towns and not a foreign government. they need to win the confidence of ordinary people. when the rebels took over in the north, the army simply ran away. french involvement changed everything. >> it has been difficult because we need a lot of logistical support. we need help with intelligence and communications. this is what we need to finish this operation. >> this group has a prisoner. they say he is the rubble. the army has been accused of score settling and executions. senior french officer fly to the front line. they have come to give the troops a final briefing before the assault on the timbuktu. >> as the troops continued to make gains in mali, tens of thousands of people are escaping the fighting. a large number of people are going to refugee camps in mauritania. >> the refugee camp on the border.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1